Diplomats from 12 Countries Visiting Naton Group

2020 10 29

On the afternoon of Oct. 29, diplomats from 12 countries visited Naton Group as part of the theme activity "Diplomats Walking into Zhongguancun Science City". They were respectively from the Bahamas, Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Spain, Hungary, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, Canada and Australia.

These foreign guests were from the departments of science and technology, commerce and trade, investment, energy and education, they came with the goal of promoting the scientific and technological exchanges and economic development of their countries and regions. Naton Group, as an important part of this exchange activity, presented to foreign guests a series of innovative and protective products it developed in the fight against the pandemicc, such as 龙鳞盾TM(Long Lin Dun) mask.

Mr. Zhao Yiwu, President of the group welcomed the foreign visitors. Mr. Zhao said, as an international medical and health industry group, Naton had effectively alleviated the shortage of masks in Beijing by increasing output as a quick response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and donated to the society in the form of masks all the profits from mask production before Hubei province eased its lockdown. At the crucial moment in the global fight against the pandemic, Naton sent its masks to France, Germany, Island, Japan, etc. as a response to the urgent needs of the world, making contributions to the people of the world with Chinese technology and wisdom.

Naton has helped the global fight against COVID-19 with practical actions, and now has grown into one of the top ten manufacturers of pandemic prevention materials in China. Naton masks comply with high standards and feature high quality. The quality and brand of its masks have been widely recognized and praised at home and abroad. Naton would like to extend its resources to more countries and regions, such as high-performance protective products, innovative technology and production technology in this face-to-face exchange with foreign visitors, and contribute to the building of a community of common health for the mankind.