Tianjin Fashion Week 2020: Naton Masks Showing Unique Fashion Style

2020 10 17

Tianjin Fashion Week 2020 commenced successfully this autumn on the landmark of the city——Waterside Platform in Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street. Naton Medical Group and Meihua, the garment brand, jointly participated in the exhibition. On the morning of Oct. 17, "Naton* Meihua 2020 Fashion Cross-border Product-launch Event" was held, and more than 40 kinds of fashionable Naton masks were exhibited in a show on a cruise ship on the Haihe river, drawing great attention and praise from the industry peers.

Tianjin Fashion Week 2020 was organized by Association of Tianjn Textile and Garment Industry, Tianjin Textile Group (Holding) Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Textile Engineering Society, themed as "Fashion, Integration, Health, Win-Win and Sustainability", aiming to hold a professional, branding, fashionable event for health and protection, so that garment enterprises, brand designers, experts and scholars, and consumers across China could discuss for the future.

Naton Medical Group, as a supporting enterprise for the Fashion Week, participated in the exhibition jointly with Meihua, a brand that Mr. Xu Haifeng wore when he received China's first gold medal in the Olympic Game in 1984. On the second day of the Fashion Week, Naton started its first fashionable mask show. All its creative and fashionable face masks, coupled with Meihua's garment in Chinese style, served as a fashion feast for health protection.

Naton's fashionable masks shown in this Fashion Week included such five series as: street punk, back to nature, fashion print, future science, and hand-drawn art. They were the outcomes of giant efforts of Naton's mask design team and R&D team, representing healthy, fashion, innovation and vigor. More than 40 kinds of masks were displayed in the show.

During the show, Naton offered its medical surgical masks for free at its booth so that audience could wear and learn about Naton masks while watching the show and seeing Naton's full range of masks. They could also buy certain types of masks in big discounts as benefits at the booth. "Naton earloop masks with super wide and soft rope are really comfortable..."Naton earloop masks with wide rope were praised by all the audience who had tried them.

In the post-pandemic era, people have more expectations on masks in terms of performance, comfort, outlook, etc, and the traditional single-color flat masks can no longer meet such needs of people. In the Fashion Week, Naton combined masks and fashion, and presented a new road for the future of mask business.

"Ships set sail and a new journey starts in harmony with waves of the Bohai Sea". While Naton's mask R&D team is developing high-performance protective materials, its mask design team is making more efforts to design fashionable masks, they are both working hard to achieve health and protection and to meet aesthetic needs of the people.