President Yiwu Zhao Attending the 4th China International Medial Equipment Summit

2020 09 24

The 4th China International Medical Equipment Summit (CHIMEC) 2020 was held in Shanghai on Sept. 24-25. It was co-organized by China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products, and Sinopharm China National Medical Device Co., Ltd. Mr. Zhao Yiwu, Chairman of Beijing Naton Technology Group Co.,Ltd. attended the conference and made a keynote speech themed Regulation of International Medical Equipment and Comparison of Mask Standards.

Mr. Zhao introduced the company's anti-disease efforts against the pandemic. After the outbreak of the pandemic, Naton responded actively to the government's call by immediately vacating the 100,000 grade clean laboratories for research and development, and organizing production of masks and turning over them to the government for purchase, storage and allocation. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Naton has continued to make more inputs by introducing high-speed automatic mask machines, building meltblown production lines, developing degradable materials for meltblown, and setting up a laboratory for mask full-performance testing, thus creating an entire industrial chain that can manufacture from primary core raw materials to finished products. By doing so, Naton has continuously expanded its production capacity and diversified its product lines. What's more, Naton has actively donated masks to relevant institutions and organizations, and promoted Chinese masks to the international markets so as to meet the needs of the whole world against the pandemic.

Based on his experience in mask production and anti-pandemic efforts, Mr. Zhao solemnly proposed that we should give full play to the advantages of Chinese manufacturing, combine the regulations and standards of different countries and regions, improve product qualification certification and industry standards, and help Chinese mask standards become international standards. It is important to enhance innovation, to develop the next generation of products with high protective performance and high comfort level, so as to lead the industry development in virtue of advanced products, to promote consumption upgrading, and to further integrate into the global economy.

After the keynote speech, Mr. Zhao joined the round-table discussion over "Pandemic Prevention and Control, and the Development Prospect of China's Pandemic Prevention Materials", and discussed about the post-pandemic development issues with domestic and foreign industry experts.

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed an unprecedented challenge to global public health security. In this context, Chinese medical equipment, especially pandemic prevention materials have played a vital role in supporting countries in their fight against the pandemic, thus thrusting itself to centre-stage. Themed as "Caring for Life and Safeguarding Health", the summit follows the current situation and aims to explore the development trend of China's medical device industry, promote efficient allocation of domestic and international resources and market integration, and seek new opportunities, new ideas and new directions for international cooperation. (Released by Naton)