Natural mask —Mask made of wood pulp

Natural wood pulp mask is an environmental friendly and comfortable disposable mask. Masks made of natural wood pulp are popular all over the world. It is a new material that meets sustainable development. The product size is 17.5cm. *9.5cm.

The product is designed with a three-layer structure. Both the outer layer and the inner layer use innovative non-woven paper. The non-woven paper is made of raw materials imported from European, and is made of natural wood pulp fiber and polypropylene. The material is natural, environmentally friendly and biodegradable. The surface is delicate and smooth and has good biocompatibility, so that people with sensitive skin would have a better experience. The mask can be plastic sealed to maintain dynamic sealability. The middle layer of the product is made of BFE99 high-efficiency, low-resistance melt-blown filter material to ensure efficient protection, and the breathing resistance is lower. The high-plastic nose clip is built-in to make the upper edge of the mask fit the face more closely. The product uses 6mm skin-friendly, high-elastic and wide earbands, which are comfortable to wear for a long time.

The product is widely used in daily life, especially for people with non-woven fabric allergies and sensitive skin. It gives you naturally skin care and smooth breathing. It is a skin-friendly, environmentally-friendly mask.

Product Features

Ultrasonic wielding fix ear loop, reduce pressure around ear;Moldable nose clip, fit the contour of nasal bridge;

  • Medical Registration Certification
  • InspectionReport
  • Certification of EU and other country

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