Medical protective mask foldable ME style

The foldable ME type medical protective mask is designed according to the contour of the human face and adopts 3D cutting to fit the face shape more closely. The middle layer uses high-efficiency and low-resistance melt-blown fabric to effectively filter fine particles. Different from other medical protective masks, it contains fluffy non-woven cotton in its body structure to filter the floating dust in the air. The inner side is made of skin-friendly and soft non-woven fabric, which is low sensitive and non-irritating, and the outer layer is made of high-density non-woven fabric to prevent liquid splash and penetration. The external adjustable nose clip is more suitable for the nose bridge, which can improve the tightness. Adjustable head strap design can release ear pressure and relieve the discomfort caused by long-term wearing.

The product standard complies with medical protective masks of GB 19083-2010 and has obtained Chinese Class II medical device registration certificate. It is a medical protective mask suitable for long-term wearing with high protective performance.


Product Features

Ultrasonic wielding fix ear loop, reduce pressure around ear;Moldable nose clip, fit the contour of nasal bridge;

  • Medical Registration Certification
  • InspectionReport
  • Certification of EU and other country

Large Volume Order