HeavytankTM medical protective mask

Naton HeavytankT M medical protective mask is developed by the Institute of Microbial Epidemiology, Academy of Military Medical Sciences. Basedon the analysis and comparison of the face features of more than 2,000 people, it is a high-performance biosafety medical protective mask. Being the first mask in the world to meet the fitting standard of half-face protective mask, the mask conforms to Chinese standard of GB19083-2010 and GB 2626 as well as EN 149 of EU, 42 CFR Part 84 of United State, JIS T 8151:2018 of Japan and main standards in other regions. The product has obtained National Class II Medical Equipment Registration Certificate, CE of European PPE and FDA EUA. It is currently being applicated in biosafety laboratories, clinical testing laboratories and hospitals (including the infectious disease hospitals).

The product has Chinese and American patents. It is a medical-grade, multi-purpose, high-efficiency protective mask with unique elastic pressure-based dynamic sealing.

  • Variable plane-cavity design, Easy storage when folded, perfect fit performance when unfolded
  • Head straps design with adaptable clip, suitable for long time wearing
  • individual packing, Clean and hygienic
  • Low breathing resistance, Breathe more smoothly


Product Features

Ultrasonic wielding fix ear loop, reduce pressure around ear;Moldable nose clip, fit the contour of nasal bridge;

  • Medical Registration Certification
  • InspectionReport
  • Certification of EU and other country

Large Volume Order