R & D design

PPE department of Naton Medical Group owns a professional R&D team including advanced material experts, design, process, and testing engineers etc. A series of civil and medical PPE products have been developed to fight for Codiva-19 this year. One of the most successful products is “heavy tank”- a medical protective mask which has been continuously improved for 10 years. This product has a very unique design at the upper and lower edge of the mask to ensure the sealing ability of the mask, which has been internationally patented (US 8910634). This product has been widely served to doctors, prevention control personnel, and normal people, and has won a good reputation during Ebola Epidemic. Except masks made of normal polypropylene (PP), we also devote to develop natural and synthetic degradable polymer masks-green masks such as polylactic acid (PLA) based masks, and wood pulp based masks etc.

The production line to develop PLA melt-blown nonwoven fabric has been built up and used for pilot test. We also import high quality wood pulp nonwoven fabric from Germany, and have successfully manufactured wood pulp based masks which can degrade in nature. A unique antibacterial and antiviral masks are under developing in our department. We apply a quaternary ammonium salt to the masks, which makes the masks with the antibacterial and antiviral ability. 99.9% of the bacterial can be killed in the first 2 min. If apply this quaternary ammonium salt to washable fabric, this fabric can be washed 40 times, yet still maintain the antibacterial and antiviral ability.

More and better PPE products are and will be developed for epidemic and normal day life protection in the near future. Our R&D team will keep on developing new products to make peoples’ life healthier, safer, and easier.

Naton, has been committed to providing more comfortable and safe personal protective equipment.

Naton’s facial masks are supplied in domestic and international markets to help people fight against the epidemic. Naton has been improving the capacity continuously to help in building human health community, while making more investments in R&D for development of high-end personal protective products.

The FS99 series Firm-shield protective mask is the first in the world that meet the half-face mask standard and it has been designated as medical protective masks by many hospitals.